Thursday, July 5, 2012

Remembering Dr.David Kelly AND All Those Who Try To Expose The Truth No Matter What The Cost.

Uploaded by on 13 Apr 2010

So transient . So precious. But I really don't think we realise how precious.

This video stars the human race. The glowing potential... the diabolical iniquity and the folly of the as yet inglorious human race. Inglorious because we still allow perverse injustices and cruel depravation to co-exist with vulgar opulance, careless gratification, smug self-agrandisement and self preservation. The video alludes to some of the regrettable particulars leading up to the Iraq war. Particularly the grubby and still unexplained Dr Kelly mystery.

Many people are highly suspicious that Dr Kelly's intention to expose a lethal and immoral anthrax/bio-weapons project (at Fort Detrick and Porton Down) may have lead to his bizarre and tragic death.

More than six qualified doctors are convinced Dr Kelly could not (and would not) have killed himself by making a smallish cut on one wrist with a tiny, very unsuitable kitchen knife and taking a handful of pills that he would have known to be non-lethal.

Paramedics at the scene were baffled to find no pool of blood (just a tiny bit the size of a 10p coin) - making it unlikely or damn near impossible that he bled to death from the cut to his wrist. The doctors want an inquest, but what they got instead was the using of a little used law to lock up all information about Kelly's death for at least 70 years... for reasons of 'national security'.

Dr Kelly was about to 'ghost write' a book exposing disgusting things that are going on inside the bio-weapons industry that are, shall we say, not in humanity's best interests.

Contemplating the implications of bio-weapons mafia thugs and unsavoury race targeted bioweapons crimes of past and future. Briefly alluding to the 'you couldn't make it up' untimely deaths of more than fifteen bio-weapon expert scientists.

The old footage is of beloved Delft in Holland... and many of those streets haven't changed that much! Such beautiful spirits... There are a few glimpses of modern Delft too skating on ice canals and frozen lakes last winter. If only we could remember how beautiful we are and can be - and hold that thought - enough to stand up to the covert tyranny that threatens the air we breathe and the food we eat in the name of filthy greed.

We are many.

There's so much we could do, were we not divided.

More than anything, this song to me is a prayer to us. Let's remember how special we are and give the arseholes a run for their blood money. I think the word is "enough".

My heart aches for those who want to make a difference but are chopped down by unseen forces, without a trace of remorse. My heart aches for those who lack the courage to speak out against such crimes. For those who pretend everything in the garden's rosy, when in fact, the garden stinks.

Welcome to England in the 21st century.